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Okay I think nice words dont help here. There is no nice way to say any of this but I will say it anyway

-The UI can be improved.  Have it black and white like the cover and just vector graphics for it

-Dont use the standard unity lighting. Tint the sky a little bit and the light color as well. 

-Use  the unity landscape mode to build your landscape

- use a palette, the colors are all over the place

- The city is too small

-The mountain is not well conacted with the ground

-USE THE SCREEN SHAKE WHEN YOU KILL SOMEONE NOT WHEN WALKING (people can get sick (ill) from it very fast)

- Make your game page prettier, nice colors no black and put some info+credits+controls on it

I am sorry this comment is not nice it has only feedback to offer. I dont mean to insult you or the games you make and I dont put myself above you. Just have a thoughts about some of these points.

Well, thank you for your honest review, though it is really negative. I agree on your opinion and will only get better with honest feedback. Maybe i took not as much time as other for their game ;) I see what you mean but it still was fun making this game. I learn more and more with each jam. cya

Dont let me other anyone else stop you. And its great that you enjoy making games but also I see it like you. Improvement comes only when you know what didnt work